Our Company

Start with the End in Mind

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, The Starter Group is a sales and marketing firm that values getting our clients amazing results with integrity. We know that doing the right thing is the most important thing.

We work with big-name clients in various different industries including telecommunications, energy, and consumer staples. Our goal is to increase our clients’ brand exposure, acquire new customers, and ultimately increase their bottom line.  As an organization, we strive to bridge the gap between client & consumer. At TSG, we know that the thirst for new business will never go away; we are always looking to expand and invest in new technologies and strategies that will help us over-deliver for our clients.

What makes The Starter Group unique? The answer is our mentality and drive. We know that to be the best we have to raise the bar every time we achieve our previous goal. When one target is hit, it is our responsibility to move the target. With a no-excuses mentality and positive energy, we continuously strive for excellence and results.

On top of the results, we value positivity and growing a great work culture. Work-life balance, good vibes, and supporting each employee’s individual goals are what help us create a productive work environment.”